Burt Lum
30 years plus in Hawaii’s technology, telecom and the Internet industry. He was a founding member of the HMSA Innovation Center and previously worked at Hawaiian Telcom, the Maui High Performance Computing Center and started one of Hawaii’s first Internet data centers. He also produces a popular weekly science and technology show with co-hosted Ryan Ozawa on Hawaii Public Radio called Bytemarks Cafe. From 1998 to 2004 Burt authored a weekly column called Bytemarks inthe Honolulu Advertiser about the Internet and tech culture. His online activities include social media, community building, blogging, video and audio podcasting, content curation and citizen journalism.

Mindwind Labs is an idea incubator with a focus on mobility and the social web. It is also a place to share thoughts and course material on innovation, design thinking and social technologies.

Current Teaching Courses and Workshops:
ICS 121V Social Web Toolkit
A 3-credit course at the University of Hawaii will provide individuals with the foundation to build their presence on the web, develop their personal “brand” and create a channel to share ideas, expertise and business. Lum will start with the fundamentals of choosing a domain name and finding a content hosting service, then move into content creation. Students will review the popular social web tools like WordPress, Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr® and many others. At the conclusion of the course, students will have their own social web channel.

Social Media for Natural Disaster Response & Recovery
A performance-level course given by the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center that enhances the participant’s ability to build an organization’s communications strategy for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. It will cover social media and its uses, current tools, methods, and models to utilize social media for crisis communication. This course is pending FEMA certification.

Introduction to Information and Computer Science
UH Community College Workforce Development course in Health IT for students without an IT background, provides a basic overview of computer architecture; data organization, representation and structure; structure of programming languages; networking and data communication. Includes basic terminology of computing.

Networking and Health Information Exchange
An in-depth analysis of data liquidity including the hardware infrastructure, the data standards necessary to achieve interoperability within and among complex healthcare organizations, including communications standards. Standards covered begin with the planning phases for health information technology (HIT) through data, data structures, terminology, data transport, electronic health records and personal health records, decision support, privacy and security, and other related applications. The course addresses the enterprise architecture models, including federations and grids, regional health information organizations, health information exchanges, and the NHIN.

Design Thinking Workshop
The Design Thinking Hawaii workshop introduces a methodology used to tackle complex design challenges. Design Thinking offers ways to be intentional and collaborative when faced with design challenges and empowers people to create impactful solutions.

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